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Old Line Government Affairs, a subsidiary of Nemphos Braue LLC, is a Maryland consulting firm with strong relationships in state and local government. We are your strategic partner in navigating the legislative process and government bureaucracies.

Video Series: Online with Old Line

Which legislator once had a shoe thrown at them while on the job as a bingo caller? Who is a sci-fi fanatic? Who acts and sings in local theater? Get to know Maryland’s State Senators and Delegates in a series of exclusive interviews.

Strength in Bipartisan Access

Our balanced political affiliations foster harmony and trust in the pursuit of our clients’ goals. Our team’s diverse background in law, business and elected office provides a unique and unmatched combination of access to the highest levels of state government with strategic insight from advocates who live and breathe legislative and state government processes.

Client Advocates with a Strategic Advantage

We have a proven track record across a wide range of industries, whether it is helping our clients do business with governmental entities or defending their competitive advantage through the legislative, procurement or regulatory process.


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Why hire a lobbyist?

Old Line lobbyists are able to navigate complex laws and regulations on your behalf, advocating for or against policies and legislation that impact your ability to succeed in business. Our team can also assist with the Maryland state procurement process, helping you yield a new revenue stream or growing your company’s profit potential.

Latest Insights

The Old Line Blog is continuously updated with the latest news, upcoming events, interviews and client highlights, as well as government news, videos and legislative recaps. For legal insights, corporate and business law news, and entrepreneurial resources, visit the Nemphos Braue Blog.

Online with Old Line: Senator Cory McCray

Born and raised in Baltimore, Senator Cory McCray is an electrician by trade who began buying and selling homes when he was just 20 years old. It wasn’t until he was in his late 20’s though that he realized the importance of government

Online with Old Line: Delegate Charles Otto

A native of Somerset County, Maryland, Delegate Charles Otto currently lives in the house where he grew up, having only changed his address for the 3 years when he attended Virginia Tech.

Cybersecurity in Maryland

Cybersecurity startups are raking in billions from investors as ransomware attacks become more commonplace. Is Maryland prepared? Are you?

Incredible things are happening in your local legislature.
~ American Joe

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