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Bid, acquire and defend state contracts with strong allies in your corner

For many businesses, state contracts can be a game-changer, providing an opportunity to scale operations, add staff, grow revenues and build trust and awareness among potential clients. State procurement, however, is not an easy process and requires acute attention to detail and a strategic approach when responding to an RFP.

We consult at all stages along the procurement path, whether the client is a new entrant or seasoned vendor providing products or services to the state of Maryland.

Maryland has a unique state procurement process: most contracts above $200,000 must go through the Board of Public Works, a group made up of the Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer of the state of Maryland. Old Line Government Affairs has strong relationships with the Board and its liaisons, helping businesses throughout the contracting process.

More about working with the Board of Public Works

While state contracts can provide a tremendous opportunity to grow your business, they can also be detrimental if not planned for appropriately. Many businesses that are qualified, will ultimately fail to secure the contract because they failed to understand the process and were not able to correctly submit a competitive bid. In addition to understanding the pre-bid process, it is vital to understand state procurement rules, including restrictions after bids are submitted, as well as what to do if a post-award conflict should arise.

Old Line has a proven track record of helping clients with matters related to Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, and Veterans Owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/VOBE) requirements.

Meet eMMA – eMaryland Marketplace Advantage – the state’s online procurement system

If you have already successfully won a state contract, hiring a government affairs firm can help you uncover additional opportunities with the awarding agency, or an opportunity with a sister agency interested in similar services. Having Old Line on your side can also be beneficial for defending your current, hard-won contracts.

Relationships matter.

Regardless of the kind of services your company offers — relationships matter in government contracting.

  • Our relationships are long-standing, with bipartisan work across industries.
  • We know how the parties interrelate with state government and the legislature, and can help you develop your own relationships.
  • We will prepare and help you strategize for each meeting and for the long term.

Learn more from Old Line’s webinar with Maryland procurement experts.