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Advocating for, representing and protecting clients’ interests

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Like having a guide through the complex jungles of government regulations, a lobbyist knows the terrain, has strong relationships with local representatives, and wants to protect its clients while finding the most favorable path for business success and increased revenue.

  • Old Line’s lobbyists listen to clients to understand the nuances and unique aspects of their business and industry, and hone in on the elements most important in the areas of legislation and regulation.
  • Our government affairs experts can navigate the many agencies, administrative bodies, committees, boards, policies and groups of policy makers to monitor, advocate and protect your interests.


When hiring a lobbyist, you want someone who knows the terrain – the way the legal entities intertwine, the right ways to address a business’ concerns, the possible pitfalls and the opportunities.

  • The Old Line team has direct experience working within state government, serving on boards or commissions, or even in elected office.
  • Some have experience as business owners, and have worked with or within industries ranging from utilities and insurance to food and beverage and finance.
  • With a combined 100+ years of experience, we understand both the government intricacies AND what it means to live and work in Maryland.


Sometimes no matter what the issue may be, what matters is who you know. Lobbyists have connections in both the legislative as well as the executive branches of government. Oftentimes, it’s just the ability to pick up the phone, schedule a meeting and connect with the right contact that can ensure your message is heard.

Our team has worked with staff, legislators, liaisons and policy makers in some cases for more than 20 years each. Those deeply cultivated relationships matter, and allow us to have conversations and share valuable feedback and information with decision makers. We’ve built a strong layer of trust and our contacts know that we provide eye-opening information and can explain implications of drafted legislation and policies in a way that’s insightful, diplomatic and productive.

Having strong relationships also means we are able to bring the right stakeholders to the table to negotiate, discuss, inform and raise awareness of unforeseen impacts or possible obstacles, allowing the opportunity to create compromises that benefit the state and its businesses in the long term.


Lobbyists monitor legislation and pending regulations that may affect your company, industry or interest group. You don’t want to be blindsided or knocked over by new laws and regulations with consequences. Something as small as tweaking a paragraph in a bill’s language could make all the difference, and our government affairs experts can work with you to craft the correct messaging. A lobbyist is your voice, representing your company and addressing concerns, suggestions and ideas with the legislators and policymakers – before it’s too late.

What if your company’s livelihood was threatened by a change in taxes, a limit on a revenue stream, or a policy on employment? A lobbyist can step in with your company’s name on a shield, to represent your voice and protect your business.


Having a lobbyist to help smooth the path to state procurement can actually help you make money. Doing business with the state of Maryland can be a profitable venture, though the complexities and regulations for submitting bids may seem too steep a cliff to climb. Defending or appealing contract awards may also require additional time and resources. In addition to lobbying for modifications to legislation, Old Line Government Affairs also works with procurement officers, state agencies and the Board of Public Works (BPW), which in Maryland is responsible for approving contracts over $200,000.

Old Line Government Affairs is a strategic business partner that guides you on your procurement pursuits. Our team can monitor for new opportunities, make introductions to procurement specialists, and help draft proposals that meet all the necessary requirements to help you win the contract. They can also come to your rescue for appeals or defend you against predatory competitors attempting to take over your hard-won awards.

“Thank you – you represent a universe of suppliers as their voice where they may not otherwise have that. So to be able to meet with us and talk about issues is very valuable.”

Bob Gleason
Chief Procurement Officer in Maryland
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