May 14, 2021

Governor’s Briefing on COVID-19: May 14, 2021

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Governor Hogan Press Conference – May 14, 2021

Given change of policy by CDC, and in consultation with health department and medical experts:

  • Now also lifting mask mandate in conjunction with other measures
    • Only exceptions:
      • public transportation
      • healthcare institutions
      • schools
  • If not vaccinated, masks are still highly recommended
  • If 2 weeks have passed since final shot, you should feel safe to resume activities without a mask
  • Businesses free to set their own policies
  • No legal mandate from the state
  • If not vaccinated, you are strongly advised to do so – the easiest way to be protected is to be vaccinated right away
  • 3,000 different locations offering the vaccine: pharmacies and 13 mass vaccination sites open with appointment or walk-up/drive through
  • Numbers clearer than ever that vaccines are working
    • 5.5 million shots in arms of Marylanders
    • Amazing declines in all health metrics across the board and across the state
    • Cases have dropped 68% per 1,000 – the lowest level since last July
    • Hospitalizations below 700 for first time since November
    • 1.91% positivity rate — 2nd lowest during pandemic
  • Now 10 million tests per day
  • 11,400 people across the state administering vaccines
  • 87% of the most vulnerable citizens have received the vaccine
  • The day we’ve been waiting for and working toward is here–the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Thank you to healthcare heroes, National Guard citizen soldiers, and every single Marylander who has gotten the vaccine
  • We will never forget the 8,716 Marylanders who were taken by this invisible killer
  • Remember to be kind and respectful of one another
  • State of Emergency is still in place; some easing of restrictions to help businesses recover are still in place and allow continued utilization of the National Guard
  • Unemployment: the work search requirement has been reinstated, businesses have not been able to staff up


Sine Die 2024

Legislators in the Maryland General Assembly have spent the final days working on The PORT Act and other final pieces of legislation.

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