December 29, 2023

A Look Ahead: 2024 Legislative Issues

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Ahead of the 2024 Maryland Legislative Session, which kicks off on January 10, 2024, the Department of Legislative Services provided more than 200 pages of Issue Papers for members of the Maryland General Assembly, reflecting the status of important topics that are likely to be addressed. Included in the overview is an outlook on the operating and capital budgets, plus additional information on:

  • Education – including learning loss, learning gaps and artificial intelligence issues
  • Health and Health Insurance – including workforce issues and Medicaid changes
  • Transportation
  • Business Regulation – with a focus on renewable energy, cannabis and artificial intelligence
  • Public Safety
  • Criminal Law
  • Environment and Natural Resources


Among the findings highlighted:

  • The Innovation Investment Incentive Tax Credit for investments in Qualified Maryland Technology Companies is undersubscribed, leaving more than half of the $2 million appropriation unused.
  • Approximately two-thirds of total gaming revenues in fiscal 2023 came from video lottery terminals.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) presents concerns in education settings, particularly relating to transparency, student data privacy and academic integrity.
  • The rapid development and usage of AI is also prompting policymakers to regulate it to protect individuals from potential risks and promote the development of safe applications of the technology.
  • Cannabis regulations required by July 1, 2024, should address online sales, packaging and labeling requirements,
  • procedures for the use of POS technologies, and establish health, safety, security and tracking requirements.
  • Maryland has not met its goal of having 29% of Minority Business Enterprise participation across each state agency’s total contracts.


For more information, and to better understand how upcoming policy changes could affect companies doing business in Maryland, contact our expert lobbyists.

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