April 12, 2022

Climate Solutions Now & Impact on Architects

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Old Line Government Affairs Supported Their Client AIA in Advancing Climate Change Legislation

This Session, Old Line assisted their client the American Institute of Architects of Maryland (AIA) in advocating support of SB528, the Climate Solutions Now Act. AIA is responsible for the life, safety, and health of their clients and the environment, and this climate change bill, sponsored by Senator Paul Pinsky, was an omnibus bill that tackled big environmental issues in Maryland. Old Line worked with the bill sponsor to make sure the language did not adversely affect the AIA’s interests.

SB528 seeks to reduce emissions from all gases, as Maryland pivots to move past using fossil fuels as a state. This bill would position Maryland to be a national leader in the reduction of harmful emissions in the fight against global climate change. The bill has provisions that span different energy sources, from wind to solar. AIA supported this bill, and helped to advance the important legislation by testifying in different hearings and on different panels.

The bill has been introduced for the past few years and has never been passed, but this year was different. SB528 was passed out of both houses with overwhelming support, and the Governor has agreed to let the bill become law without his signature.


Sine Die 2024

Legislators in the Maryland General Assembly have spent the final days working on The PORT Act and other final pieces of legislation.

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