April 1, 2022

Constituent Perspective: Meeting the Famous American Joe

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To lifelong Baltimore-area resident Gerry, American Joe has always been a star.

Since he was such a local celebrity, Gerry recalls that every time she’d see American Joe — whether it was at a restaurant or out and about in the neighborhood — she was incredulous.

“That’s American Joe! That’s really him!”

Gerry and Joe grew up in the same neighborhood, going to the same church, and even to the same Mass on Sunday mornings. She remembers his father, Frank, and his bar, and she remembers his mother as a “classic beauty.”

“She could have been a model,” Gerry remembers fondly.

Gerry was sitting in a bar one evening in the City, when suddenly, who comes in but American Joe! Gerry, of course, was starstruck, as she usually was upon seeing Joe. American Joe walked into the bar and sat down right next to Gerry, and immediately struck up conversation. She recalls that the big-screen TV was right in front of them, and the Lone Ranger came on. Joe remarked that the Lone Ranger was his favorite cowboy.

Years later, Gerry came across a rare VHS copy of The Lone Ranger and gifted it to Joe. To this day, American Joe has that Lone Ranger cassette, and proudly displays it in his office — a small memento that represents the impact he had on constituents.

Hi-Yo American Joe!


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