August 26, 2021

Online with Old Line: Senator Jeff Waldstreicher

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Senator Jeff Waldstreicher
District 18
Montgomery County

A lifelong resident of Montgomery County, Senator Jeff Waldstreicher calls it a “privilege” to represent the place where he grew up.

Saying he got into politics “by accident,” Senator Waldstreicher saw an opportunity and took it when he was elected into a vacant seat. “I like to think I’m making a difference,” he says. “It’s an incredible feeling.”

Relationships matter deeply to Senator Waldstreicher. “When everything is firing on all cylinders and people are treating each other respectfully, that’s when progress gets made,” he says, highlighting the collegiality of the Maryland General Assembly.

A secret Buffalo Bills fan, Senator Waldstreicher says he is slowly making the transition to the Bills fan club because of his wife and kids. Learn more in this interview with Old Line’s Director of Government Affairs, Sherry Dudley Nickerson.


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