July 12, 2021

Governor’s Briefing on COVID-19: July 7, 2021

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Governor Hogan Press Conference

  • “All hands on deck” effort to ensure access to vaccines
  • 75.2% of Maryland adults are vaccinated
  • Better rates than the nation and most other states
  • 7-day positivity rate is 0.73%
  • Case rate per 100,000 is 1.08%
  • 133 hospitalizations today
  • 2 million dollar vaccine lottery has been completed
  • Turning efforts to getting more young people vaccinated: Introducing “VAX U” program
    • MDH and MDHE- 1 million in college scholarships to kids 12-17 who get vaccinated
    • 20 drawings- each one with the chance to win a $50,000 scholarship
    • MD 529 prepaid college tuition
    • Scholarship can be transferred to school of choice
    • Provided through funding from the American Rescue Plan- federal dollars
  • We are reinforcing the importance of getting every Marylander vaccinated
    • New variants circulating
  • 95% of all new cases from last month were from people who were unvaccinated
  • 100% of all COVID deaths in June were unvaccinated Marylanders


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