May 12, 2021

Governor’s Briefing on COVID-19: May 12, 2021

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Governor Larry Hogan Press Conference: May 12, 2021

  • No need for panic-buying gas re: the Colonial Pipeline Hacking
  • Making GREAT progress on COVID-19
    • As of today, MD has administered 5.3 million vaccines
    • 86% of 65+ Marylanders are vaccinated
    • 65.4% of 18+ Marylanders are vaccinated
    • Keeping up the keep health metrics, we are on track to reach 70% of adults vaccinated by Memorial Day
    • Equity Task Force has completed about 350 missions
    • Walk up or drive thru vaccines available, it has never been easier to find or get a vaccine
  • Case rate per 100,000 has dropped 64% over the past four weeks to 8.5%
    • Lowest since September of 2020
    • Positivity rate at 2.74% from a peak of 9.43% in January 2021 and a high of 26.83% last year
    • COVID hospitalizations have dropped across the state
    • Down 60% since last year’s winter peak
  • New actions TODAY:
    • Effective this Saturday, 5/15/2021, lifting all outdoor restrictions- entertainment, sports, etc
      • All restrictions lifted on indoor and outdoor dining
    • Cruise terminal reopening
      • CDC working to prepare cruises to return to business
    • ONLY REMAINING MANDATE: Indoor mask mandate
      • Will lift as soon as we reach the federal goal of 70% of adults getting the first vaccine shot
      • MD plan- everything normal by Memorial Day
      • 4.6% away from reaching this goal!
  • Directed MD Dept. of Labor to begin process of reinstating Work Search Requirements
  • FASTEST way to get rid of COVID is by getting vaccinated! CALL 1-55-MD-GOVAX, COVIDVAX.MARYLAND.GOV
  • FDA has approved Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15
    • Final approval to come later today
    • Eligibility for adolescents begins tomorrow, 5/13/2021


Dr. Jinlene Chan, Deputy Secretary, Public Health Services

Speaking about pediatric vaccination effort for kids 12+:

  • FDA approved expansion this past Monday for Pfizer
  • Approved for safety and efficacy
  • 100% efficacy in 2,000 children in trial
  • Also showed robust antibody responses, similar to teenagers and young adults
  • Similar side effects to the one known now (usually resolve within 2-3 days)
  • CDC’s advisory committee voted this afternoon to recommend Pfizer be approved to be used in kids 12-15 in age
  • Once CDC issues final approval, take your children and get them vaccinated!
  • 11 mass vax sites that can vaccinate kids
  • Expanding locations in physician practices that are willing to vaccinate minors (ie pediatrician offices)
  • Minors will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order to be vaccinated
  • We’ve done so well at vaccinating adults that now our attention shifts to children
  • Have conversations with your children about getting vaccinated


Sine Die 2024

Legislators in the Maryland General Assembly have spent the final days working on The PORT Act and other final pieces of legislation.

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