May 7, 2021

Rep. Jamie Raskin Interview with Jmore

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Jmore Publisher Dr. Scott Rifkin interviews Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin

“That’s up to us.” — Rep. Jamie Raskin

From the state of our democracy to polarizing divisions across the country, Rep. Jamie Raskin reaffirmed his belief that we all can have an impact on the future. Speaking during an interview with Jmore Publisher Dr. Scott Rifkin on May 4, sponsored by Nemphos Braue LLC and supported by media partner WYPR, Raskin discussed his role in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, his own personal commitments following the loss of his son to suicide, vaccines, bipartisan politics and more.

Read more about the interview on Jmore and watch the full replay:

“We must always remember that we are servants of the people. The people govern.” — Rep. Jamie Raskin





Sine Die 2024

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