July 28, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Charles Otto

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Delegate Charles Otto
District 38A
Somerset and Worcester Counties

A native of Somerset County, Maryland, Delegate Charles Otto currently lives in the house where he grew up, having only changed his address for the 3 years when he attended Virginia Tech.

A farmer, gardener and fertilizer salesman, he used to have poultry on his farm until he went into politics. The busy job of traveling to see constituents and working in Annapolis meant he wasn’t home often enough to tend to his animals.

His district covers a large geographic area that includes beautiful farm country and water views, stretches south to the Virginia line, and features attractions ranging from skipjacks to Smith Island Cakes. During his tenure he’s dealt with topics ranging from golf carts to new libraries.

Driven by a code of integrity and dedicated to representing his home district, get to know Delegate Otto in this interview with Old Line’s Director of Senior Director of Government Affairs American Joe Miedusiewski.


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