July 13, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Kathleen Dumais

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Delegate Kathleen Dumais
District 15
Montgomery County

In addition to serving as a legislator, Delegate Kathleen Dumais also practices family law in Montgomery County. She takes to heart the importance of family both in her role as a lawyer and in representing Maryland’s hard-working families in the Maryland General Assembly. She takes pride in legislation that – even if it takes multiple years to pass – has a lasting impression on her constituents.

Delegate Dumais’ connection to the legislature stems from experience at a very young age. When she was in high school, she actually served as a page for the Maryland House of Delegates, where she is now a long-serving member. Learn more in this interview with Old Line’s Director of Government Relations, Sherry Dudley Nickerson.


2024 Legislative Session Preview

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