September 9, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Pat Young

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Delegate Pat Young
District 44B
Baltimore County

Representing the area and district where he grew up, the only time Delegate Pat Young has been away from Baltimore County is when he was serving in the military.

With a deep-seated understanding of Baltimore County’s people and policy issues, Delegate Young was initially inspired to run for office by his past as a veteran and as an advocate for his community. Delegate Young spent six years as the first Director of Veterans Services at Towson University after studying there on the GI Bill and forming the Student Veterans Group.

Delegate Young also recently announced his campaign for Baltimore County Council. He says he “saw an opportunity” and wants to make bigger changes in Baltimore County as a Council Member.

To find out how Delegate Young continues to use his acting chops, watch this edition of Online with Old Line with our Director of Government Affairs, Sherry D. Nickerson:


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