August 5, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Regina T. Boyce

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Delegate Regina T. Boyce
District 43
Baltimore City

Hailing from the Caribbean, Delegate Regina T. Boyce never imagined herself a legislator, but has always wanted to help and uplift her community.
After taking a class where she had to come up with her own policy initiatives, Delegate Boyce decided that public service was the direction she needed to head in, but never saw herself in the position she’s in now. “I got a phone call,” she says, “and people were offering up my name… I met with my mentors… it was one of those moments where you have to ponder, meditate, and pray, and I made a split decision that I was going to run for Delegate.”

Describing her tenure as Delegate as a “roller coaster,” Delegate Boyce has yet to experience a “normal” session, but says she views it as an “opportunity to create access.”

To find out more about the Delegate’s future initiatives and to learn what sports she played in college, tune in for this edition of Online with Old Line with our very own Director of Government Affairs, Sherry D. Nickerson.


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