September 28, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Terri Hill

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Delegate Terri Hill
District 12
Baltimore and Howard Counties

Delegate Terri Hill is a Columbia native, though she was born in Philadelphia. A practicing plastic surgeon, Delegate Hill has been guiding people through healing for nearly 30 years.

She brings her calm surgeon’s demeanor to her work in Annapolis, calling herself an “advocate and empathizer.”

“It helps you to build those muscles, and have a greater understanding of how policy and approaches to solving problems can vary,” she says about representing two counties. “I’m not advocating for a narrow group of people that are like me. I am dealing with a constituency with a varied approach and experience.

Delegate Hill is also a former pageant girl, and her talent? To find out what it was, watch this interview from the Online with Old Line series with our Director of Government Affairs, Sherry D. Nickerson.


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