September 21, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Mike Griffith

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Delegate Mike Griffith
District 35B
Cecil and Harford Counties

Delegate Mike Griffith grew up in Aberdeen in foster care, and says he finds his experience helpful in relating to issues and policies that come across his desk. Delegate Griffith is also a Marine Corps veteran, another experience that helps him connect with constituents.

Delegate Griffith is proud of the fact that Harford and Cecil Counties are rural counties. “We grow the food that the State eats,” he says. He is passionate about giving back to the community he grew up in and doing more for his constituents.

To find out more about the Delegate’s hidden talents (hint: he can take home the BIG prizes at theme parks and carnivals), please watch this edition of Online with Old Line with our Managing Director, Brett Lininger.


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