September 16, 2021

Online with Old Line: Delegate Harry Bhandari

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Delegate Harry Bhandari
District 8
Baltimore County

Representing District 8, Delegate Harry Bhandari is proud to support his constituents and their beautiful district.

Getting into politics at the age of 15, Delegate Bhandari was advocating for others even before he came to the United States from Nepal. He was inspired to run for office by the need to give back to his community, and, as an educator, he wanted to make a difference for the vulnerable citizens in his backyard.

“This country inspired me,” he says. “It is so important that these stories are possible.”

To find out more about Delegate Bhandari’s passions and policy initiatives, watch this interview from the Online with Old Line series with our Director of Government Affairs, Sherry D. Nickerson.


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