August 12, 2021

Online with Old Line: Senator Chris West

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Senator Chris West
District 42
Baltimore County

Representing District 42 in Baltimore County, Senator Chris West describes his political career as “a way to give back.” First running for office at 64 years old, he says he wants to give back all the “blessings” he’s seen in his life. When the stars came into proper alignment in 2014 and Senator West decided to run, he “threw his hat in the ring and the rest is history.”

Senator West says the biggest surprise he’s found has been the collegiality of his fellow legislators. He says they are hardworking, intelligent, and are trying to do the best for their constituents.

Senator West was a magician in his childhood as well, and jokes that in Annapolis he still sometimes can “pull a rabbit out of his hat.” Learn more in this interview with Old Line’s Director of Government Affairs, Sherry Dudley Nickerson.


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