July 19, 2021

Cannabis Referendum and Future Legislation

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House Speaker Adrienne Jones announced last week that she supports a referendum on the legalization of marijuana. (Read the news here.) There’s a long road ahead, and Old Line Government Affairs will be tracking this important topic. Here’s a timeline for the process:

  • 2022 Session – Maryland General Assembly to pass a bill requiring a referendum
  • November 2022 – Question appears on the ballot for voters
  • 2023 Session and after – House and Senate to pass legislation and/or regulations around the issue

For businesses that will be impacted by this process and the regulations that will be implemented, Old Line Government Affairs can be an advocate in your corner, monitoring the conversations, the many task forces and panel discussions, committee meetings and the legislation as it comes to fruition, while also meeting with the legislators drafting the language for bills and policies.

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