January 19, 2022

Governor Hogan Presents 2023 Budget

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  • Permanently expanding the enhanced Earned Income Tax Credit, helping 295,000 families
  • Additional relief and enhanced benefits for underserved Marylanders
  • Record funding for K-12 education – $8.15 billion, above what was recommended by the legislature, and including $1 billion in school construction funding, above the total that was requested by all jurisdictions
  • Infrastructure: $1.4 billion for roads and bridges, $1.3 billion for mass transit improvements
  • $1 billion for mental health and substance abuse programs
  • More than $500 million to Re-Fund the Police including increased salaries, expanding community policing, upgraded technology and improved training
  • $75 million for local health departments


The FY 2023 budget is available at http://dbm.maryland.gov.

Read the Governor’s press release.


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