August 24, 2021

Online with Old Line: Senator Melony Griffith

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Senator Melony Griffith
District 25
Prince George’s County

Senator and President Pro Tem Melony Griffith is currently living her “best life.”

A graduate of Howard University and a social worker by training, Senator Griffith represents the central and southern areas of Prince George’s County. She “dabbles” in health care and is passionate about the arts, and works for the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council when she’s not in Annapolis.

Senator Griffith is incredibly proud of what her colleagues have accomplished, just in the past session. She describes the past session as unprecedented, and says that the level of access that was given to her colleagues, lobbyists, constituents, etc. was nonstop and high-level, which she feels benefitted her constituents.

One thing her constituents might not know about her is that Senator Griffith used to run a karaoke business — so if you spot her in Annapolis, make sure to ask her for her go-to karaoke song! Learn more in this interview with Old Line’s Senior Director of Government Affairs, American Joe Miedusiewski.


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