Lisa Jacobson

Online with Old Line: Delegate Michele Guyton

A developmental psychologist by trade, Delegate Michele Guyton is a busy lady, focusing her efforts on education, psychology and “supporting those who don’t always have the loudest voice.”

Bayside with Old Line in Ocean City

The sun setting. Seagulls cawing in the background. Drinks flowing. Good conversation and greater company. Thank you to our sponsors and to all those who joined us for Bayside with Old Line!

Online with Old Line: Delegate Kirill Reznik

Citing his early-childhood immigration from the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War as part of the reason he became so interested in politics, Delegate Kirill Reznik is a busy man, father and legislator.

Online with Old Line: Senator Chris West

Senator Chris West describes his political career as “a way to give back.” First running for office at 64 years old, he says he wants to give back all the “blessings” he’s seen in his life.


Sine Die 2024

Legislators in the Maryland General Assembly have spent the final days working on The PORT Act and other final pieces of legislation.